Transferring Calls

Transferring Calls

There are two types of transfers,
  1. Blind Transfers - You transfer the caller directly to another agent. When using blind transfer the agent will see the original caller ID.
  2. Attended transfer - You first call the other agent to see if they are available to take the call and then transfer the caller. When using attended transfer the Caller ID will show the extension that transferred the call to you. 

How to transfer using a Yealink phone: 
Blind Transfer:
- While on a call press transfer
- Enter in the number you want to transfer the call to
- Press btransfer or transfer depending on which phone you have
(If you have a BLF you can blind transfer by just clicking the button next to the persons name that you would like to transfer to)

Attended Transfer:
First you click transfer, then enter number you want to transfer to, click the # key and wait for agent to answer. There is the option to "swap" the call at any point. If you would like to complete the transfer then you can click "transfer" and the call will be connected to the person you are sending it to. If you are not completing the transfer, you can click the "swap" option and go back to the other call. 

How to transfer using a Polycom phone:
Blind Transfer:
- While on a call press transfer
- Press more
- Press blind
- Enter extension and send 
OR Long press the transfer button

Attended Transfer:
- While on a call press transfer
- Enter the extension and send 

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