How Do I Set up Whats App With My Business Number?

How Do I Set up Whats App With My Business Number?

To receive a code from Whats App - you have two options:

1) Via Phone Call 
  1. Let us know what your company extension number is and we will temporarily route calls directly to your extension until the code is received.
  2. Once received, send us a message or call us back and we will change routing back to its usual set up. 

2) Via Text Message
  1. Let us know which business number you are trying to set up with Whats App. We will temporarily assign SMS access which will allow you to receive the code via the Reliable PBX App
  2. If you do not have access to the app, let us know your extension number and email address and we will set this up for you. 
  3. Once received, send us a message or call us back and we will disable SMS access on the number again. 

Important Note: We cannot guarantee that all numbers will be approved for use by Whats App Business. If you are unable to receive a code through both of the above options or if you receive an error message that VoIP numbers are not supported by Whats App Business, you will need to submit a ticket with Whats App customer service to discuss it with them: Whats App Customer Service.

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