Reliable PBX Feature Codes

Reliable PBX Feature Codes

Go Straight To Voicemail
With this feature you can get to someone in your company's voicemail without having their phone ring. Dial * followed by the extension you want to leave a voicemail. You can also forward a call to the voicemail directly with this method. 

Pickup Ringing Extension 
If a call rings on another phone, you can redirect the call to your own phone by pressing the BLF button. If your phone does not have programmed a BLF button for the ringing extension, you can dial 
*2 followed by the ringing extension. 

Intercom With Another Extension
To intercom with another extension, you can dial *3 followed by the extension. For example, *3103

Receive Incoming Calls On Your Cell Phone
This feature allows you to receive incoming calls to your desk phone as well as your cell phone. Dial *14 followed by your cell phone number. You will hear a recording "The new number is, and you will hear the number you entered". To disable this feature dial *15 on your desk phone. You will hear a recording "deactivated". 
Please note by default the calls will ring first at your desk phone for 30 seconds, then it will ring at your cell phone. You can set it up it should ring simultaneously at your desk phone and your cell phone by going to the settings in our app. The setting you need to change is When Do You Want To Ring On Your Cell Phone, set that to Together With My Desk Phone.

Blacklist Caller
You can blacklist the last person that called you by dialing *25.

Mask Caller ID
If you want to hide your Caller ID dial *67 followed by the number you're trying to call.  The words "Unknown" or "Private"  will appear on the recipients phone instead of your phone number.

Call Forwarding
When Call Forwarding is turned on, your desk phone won't ring when you receive a call. The call will be sent straight to the phone number that’s receiving your forwarded calls.
To enable Call Forwarding dial *72 followed by the phone number that want should receive the incoming calls. You should hear a recording "Your phone is now forwarded". If you want to disable Call Forwarding dial *73 on the desk phone. You should hear a recording "Your phone is no longer forwarded".

Contact Reliable PBX
You can at anytime contact Reliable PBX by dialing *HELP (*4357).

Report Bad Call 
If you experience a bad quality call, please report it to us by dialing *BAD CALL (*2232255). You will hear an automated system where you will be able to rate the quality of your most recent call.
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